Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Coffee Run

If you're ever in the Santa Cruz area on a Saturday morning, do yourself a favor, get up a little early and go to the Starbuck's on the corner of 41st Avenue and Soquel.  The year 'round weekly gathering always has something interesting to look at.  From early European sports cars to spot-on restorations to wild customs or traditional hot rods, you'll find all kinds of things to check out.  Every time I'm down there and I go to the Coffee Run, I see something new.

Plus there's coffee, and that's always a good thing in the AM.

Bob Acterberg's New Creation, though that isn't Bob in the background.

I was told that Don Orosco brought this beautiful '32 pickup up from Monterrey, though I wasn't able to confirm that. It's a real nice little truck, though.

A La Salle grille on a custom... La Salle!  Imagine that...

This'd be Lars Mapstead's sweet '36.

Monday, February 4, 2013

My '24 T Roadster Project: Part 2

I just got back from my annual trip to Santa Cruz to go to the Turlock Swap Meet and to work on my roadster project.  Turlock was fun, 'cept Clay got sick with a fever and had to wear his jacket all day while the rest of us enjoyed T-shirt weather.  He did manage to sell a bunch of stuff, though, so I suppose it was worth while.  And I managed to pick up a nice old tail light and an adapter to put on a bigger carb on my wife's Comet, so that was good, too.  Though, I didn't find the steering hoop I need for my roadster, the one with the smaller diameter threads, for earlier Ford spindles...

Here's some shots from Turlock:

Staging area on Friday night...

What's in there, Sid?

As Turlock happened at the beginning of my trip, we got to work on my roadster when we got back.  It was a pretty productive trip.  I fitted the F1 pedals to the frame, built the sub frame for the floor and attached that to the body, then built the seat frame and tied that in to the body.  With the seat and floor frames in, the "bowl o' Jello" factor was eliminated from the body, so we were able to attach the body to the frame, shore up the structure around the door and affix the latch.  That was about all we had time for this trip, but I'm already thinking about what happens next.

Here's Clay finishing up some welds...

Before I took off, I wanted to get a shot of what the turtle deck will look like on the car, so we mocked that up.

Sigh:  Here's how I left her.  Until next time...