Monday, November 14, 2011

Summer Dreamin': Mrs. Turner's

Summer is definitely over.  Been that way for a little while now, and it's getting to the point where you think about last summer, and about the things that will keep you feeling warm until the spring thaw.  I'm not one who bitches about the weather much, or who feels hemmed in when it's not 70 degrees and sunny outside.  The Northwest is a beautiful place to live year 'round, and there's always things to do regardless of the weather, but usually, outdoor auto-related events ain't one of them.  Therefore, one of the things that keeps me warm through every winter is the thought of Mrs. Turner's Friday Cruise-In starting up again in May. 

I live across the street from A Diner called Mrs. Turner's, which is one of the oldest establishments in the downtown Puyallup area, and every Friday from roughly Memorial Day through Labor day, they host a cruise-in and back lot barbecue.  The owner/operators are classic car enthusiasts and put this deal on mostly for the fun of it, and so that their friends who have old cars have an excuse to dust 'em off and come visit once a week.  As you'd expect, you do see a lot of the same stuff, and as it's open to absolutely anyone so of course you'll see stuff that isn't really to your taste.  But the variety also makes it kind of fun, too.  Over the years, I've seen everything from old survivor Model T's, COPO muscle cars, Ardun powered roadsters, pastel tweed-clad tilt column street rods, vintage European race cars, and even a complete stem to stern reproduction of KITT from Knight Rider.

Here's some of the photos I've collect from a few years of summer Fridays across the street at Mrs. Turners...

The owners built this little Texaco Service station 'cause they needed someplace to store all the stuff they need for the cruise in:  Tables, barbecue, easy-ups, etc.  Helluva way to camouflage a storage shed.

This 1928 Pontiac pickup has been owned by the same family since new.  It was purchased as a work truck by a local berry farmer and has served as such ever since. 

The original owner's grandson now drives the truck occasionally, and has fitted this old motorized bike on back.

Can you say...

...ARDUN?  Delicious.

Ever seen a Dodge La Femme before?  Me neither.  They were one of the only cars ever to be marketed specifically to women.

The afore mentioned KITT replica gettin' the terrycloth glove treatment... 

And like I said, stem to stern, no stone unturned.

 This is the owner, Starla's T-Bird