Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My 1924 Ford Model T Roadster Project: Part 4 #TROG

Just got back from another trip to Clayton's Hot Rods, workin' on the Jalopy again.  It was a good and productive trip!  We got some sealant on the body and frame, yanked the engine and took a good close look at it, got the heads, intake and oil pan hot tanked and the heads surfaced.  Though we didn't get it running this trip, we did get most everything we needed stuck on to the block, (distributor, new water pumps, coil, etc.).  We also pulled the rear end so that Clay could make some rear wishbones, too.  There were a few other minor things that we did as well, so it felt like we got a lot done.  Good times...  But it better get done before October, because we're taking it to The Race of Gentlemen!

Afternoon sun made it hard not to stop and take a couple of photos...

This was just before we rolled 'er down the hill and started to get the Pore15 on.

Pretty much the last time she was rusty...

This was the next day, all Pored up, but before we pulled the engine and grille.

Engine, Grille, Radiator and Steering gone, I got to seal up the rest of the firewall and frame.

 My T in the foreground, here's a couple of Clay's other new projects:  A '51 Hardtop that he just bought on the way to pick me up from the airport, and the ol' trailer that he and his wife Alisha are fixin' up.

 Dropin' the engine back in...

As I left it, cleaned up engine with stuff taped up to keep the local rodentia out.

Sans Grille and Rad, everything all painted up, cleaned up and put back together, waiting for me to come back in January.