Friday, July 26, 2013

My 1924 Ford Model T Roadster Project: Part 3

As it was the family summer road trip to Santa Cruz, I spent more time playing with them than working on the car, but Clay and I did manage to get the steering yolk/drop  built as well as a bracket to mount the steering box to.

Here's a couple of photos and a video of what's been done...

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Billetproof Northwest 2013

And..... here we go again.  Car show season.  And though there were a couple of others already that I missed, I did make it down to Billetproof in Centralia, Washington.  And, per the manner in which I've attended this show in the past, I showed up a couple of hours before the gates close, and they pretty much just wave me right on through.

Everyone seemed to be in a great mood, there.  Just glad it wasn't pissing down rain on 'em like it did the day before, (and would the day after).  I cruised around and shot whatever was still there.  Really, I don't get the best photos from the show there.  I mean, some are satisfactory, but the ones I tend to like more come from the cruise on Saturday night.  It's just fun hanging with folks I haven't seen yet this year, checking out new rides, and makin' some new friends.

Plus, it was the supposed night of the SUPERMOON.  I'm still not sure what that is, but once it came up over the facades of the ol' main drag, there, It made for a good scene.  Here's what I shot that day:

Looooooow Desoto.  I thought about buildin' a car just like this once.  Now I'm kinda wishin' I had.

I really like this little stripped down bobber.  Nothin' too fancy, just simple... and perfect.

This just happened right in front of me.  No really, all I had to do was pan right and click the shutter a few times...

Now, how often do you get to see a real side car racer, like, on the street?

Supermoon Thunderbird.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Coffee Run

If you're ever in the Santa Cruz area on a Saturday morning, do yourself a favor, get up a little early and go to the Starbuck's on the corner of 41st Avenue and Soquel.  The year 'round weekly gathering always has something interesting to look at.  From early European sports cars to spot-on restorations to wild customs or traditional hot rods, you'll find all kinds of things to check out.  Every time I'm down there and I go to the Coffee Run, I see something new.

Plus there's coffee, and that's always a good thing in the AM.

Bob Acterberg's New Creation, though that isn't Bob in the background.

I was told that Don Orosco brought this beautiful '32 pickup up from Monterrey, though I wasn't able to confirm that. It's a real nice little truck, though.

A La Salle grille on a custom... La Salle!  Imagine that...

This'd be Lars Mapstead's sweet '36.