Monday, April 28, 2014

Bonneville: Speed Week 2013

Yeah, I'm finally getting these out there.  The thing is, I kinda had a crappy time last year, so I'm sure some part of me was just trying to put things behind me.  The meet itself was great.  Paul Heady did well, and working on his coupe is always great.  And the folks he brought with him were great to meet, too.  My car, (that I had driven the 860-some-odd miles to get there) had multiple issues which were stressing me out, and I had some health issues which made the heat hard to deal with as well.  I ended up leaving Monday instead of staying the whole week as I felt the need to "just get home."

But anyway, hears a few photos days I was there:

 Drivers meeting, Saturday morning

 Mr. Tim Edwards with a big ol' smile on his face as we drove the course for the first time

 As the tag below says, this deuce was raced by George Ayala in the 40's.

 I love getting to see history like this when I'm out on the salt.


 Paul Heady getting set to break his own record

...and off he goes!  He did up his record by a few MPH, which was really cool to see.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Rebel Riot 2013

Here's another event that I thoroughly enjoyed, but never got around to editing the photos.  Well, today was the day.  ENJOY!

Cam Winders 2013

Dammit.  I edited these photos ages ago and got caught up in the rest of what went on last summer, so they never got posted.  Better late than never, I suppose...  Though it doesn't do the party justice at all.  It was a great time, if'n you can't tell...

 1/8 mile drags were a ton of fun.  Nice addition to the shindig.

 "Dang!  You goin' again?"

I never get tired of taking shots of Lee's Dodge.

Gary's got a drink and smile...  "What's in that thing, man?"


"No, wait:  I friggin' got burned right here!"  I didn't catch the rest of this story, but I'm sure it was a doozy.